FDA Announces New Policy's on Stem Cell Therapies

December 11, 2018

The FDA commissioner has announced their new policy steps and enforcement efforts of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine.  While this field remains an exciting avenue by which many life changing and potentially ground breaking treatments could arise, it also provides an increased risk in many forms.  One of the most prevalent of those risks that the FDA seems very intent on combating is the exploitation of stem cell therapies through counterfeit means. 

They're concern is that people and/or companies will use these new developments to take advantage of people in need through false claims and empty promises. 

The FDA intends to increase oversight of companies making promises that are not proven and could be dangerous or even harmful.  The commissioner is looking to clamp down on any false medicines or therapies that might crop up, in the hopes to avoid any harm or damage being inflicted on unknowing or unsuspecting patients.  

These preemptive efforts also include plans to streamline any regulations that would help to encourage the proper development of good products.  The FDA wants to ensure that new drugs and therapies can be brought onto the market as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Removing any unnecessary hindrances that could keep legitimate products from getting into the hands of the people that need them.

For more information on the FDA’s new policy steps and enforcement efforts to ensure proper oversight of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine click here.