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LVS was established in 2005 by Carolyn Brown, who received a Master’s Degree in microbiology, specializing in molecular genetics.

Laboratory Validation Specialists, Inc. (LVS) is a family owned company built on the foundation of over 20 years of dedicated experience in the industry. Carolyn Brown established LVS to lead the consulting field in quality and reliability after a decade of wide-ranging experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

LVS is achieving its vision of quality and reliability with consultants providing support throughout the globe. Through cooperative associations with consulting firms and pharmaceutical companies across the country, LVS continues to strengthen its presence in the pharmaceutical and biotech consulting industry.

Through a reliable team of scientists and pharmaceutical professionals, LVS is able to successfully execute projects ranging from research and development to commercial production. Our team continues to provide development and oversight of quality resources for an array of clients within the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industry.

LVS is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective GMP solutions for our clients. That’s why our management at LVS encourages employee membership to the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. To find out more about ISPE membership, visit www.ispe.org


Aaron Harris began his work at Laboratory Validation Specialists, Inc (LVS) in 2013 as a Technical Recruiter. He brought with him many skills developed in management where he supervised multiple branches of a regional credit union. Over the course of his career, Aaron completed his Masters of Business Administration. Aaron utilized his business insights to develop new systems of recruitment at LVS and quickly advanced to Executive Assistant to Carolyn Brown, the founder of LVS, Inc. He provided office oversight, took on the management of all active consultants and continued developing recruitment, all while learning the intricacies of the business from a seasoned expert in the industry. In 2015, Aaron was named CEO of Laboratory Validation Specialists, Inc, after a notable career of enhancing LVS with his innovative ideas and effective business development. In Aaron’s tenure as CEO, his objective has been to continue to strengthen LVS’s presence in pharmaceutical and biotech consulting. He is currently building cooperative associations with consulting firms and pharmaceutical companies across the country to fulfill that vision and continue the rich legacy of LVS.

Aaron Harris, CEO of Laboratory Validation Specialists

Our Founder

Carolyn Brown led LVS for 11 years before her passing in 2015.

Carolyn Brown had more than 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including expertise in Quality Systems Management, Validation Project Management, development and management of Microbiology laboratory, and equipment and utility validation.  As QS Manager, Carolyn was responsible for overseeing all QS activities including QS documentation, QA, and the QC Microbiology Laboratory and Validation department.  Carolyn was also entrusted with the training of Microbiology laboratory personnel on test procedures and taught introductory courses in Analytical Laboratory Methods for FDA qualified labs.

Carolyn Brown, Founder of Laboratory Validation Specialists.